Glenwood baseball holds camp for kids

. — There was a resounding theme at Glenwood’s baseball camp Monday morning.

“It’s so awesome! I love to play baseball,” said a few of the campers.

More than 50 kids showed up to the ball field bright and early for the three day camp. Caleb Phillips is going to camp here with his brother to learn the fundamentals.

“It’s about hitting, catching, diving. and I love it so much!” said Phillips.

And head baseball coach Tim Fanning says it’s so great to get to know them from this age before he potentially will coach some of them in the future.

“It’s awesome to be a part of a program that they go to school here from a really young age and they watch us play. And they want to be like the players and they want to be apart of this program,” says Fanning.

Some more than others. Take Davis Leatherwood for example. The soon to be Kindergartner says he’s just using this camp as a stepping stone.

“Because it’s so cool to be a professional baseball player. And I want to play in the major leagues…. I want to play in the Nationals because they are so cool. Because I’ve seen Bryce Harper play on that team,” said Leatherwood.

The camp runs until Wednesday afternoon.

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