Columbus veteran uses illusions to teach the bible

COLUMBUS, Ga. — A local veteran has been using his unique talents to spread the gospels of Christianity to folks across the Fountain City and he’s using an unconventional way to get people to open up their bibles.

Joseph Lawski has been a magician for more than a decade and he awes people with magic tricks , with the hopes of them opening their bibles.

Lawski says it all started with a dream.

He had been praying to God, looking for ways to spread the gospel and one night the idea came to him in a dream.

Soon after, he developed the idea for the card trick Jesus in your Pocket.

Jesus in your Pocket is a card game that teaches bible lessons.

Each card has a different life lesson focus and references a bible verse.

Lawski says the magical card game is a great way to reach the youth and he hopes this fun illusion will motivate and inspire kids to open up their bibles.

For more information click here.

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