Columbus Tech ranks 3rd best in Georgia for adult education

COLUMBUS, Ga. — One local college is becoming the place to be for adults looking to go back to school.

Columbus Technical College received the third best ranking in the state for its adult education program.

Thirty-one schools in Georgia offer an adult education program, and most of those schools are technical colleges like Columbus Tech.

The ranking comes from the state office of adult education in Atlanta. Part of the ranking includes how many students receive a GED and how many move on to a post-secondary degrees.

April Hopson took over the director role two years ago, and has helped the school move from a 16 ranking to number three.

“When you come to my program, you’re not a GED student, you’re a college student. You get a college ID. You’re in a college building,” Hopson says. “You’re treated like an adult and to get your GED is okay, but it’s not good enough for me. I prefer you to go onto post secondary and to go onto college.”

The program is free for all adults to attend because the school receives state and federal grants. Hopson said the number of adults who enroll is typically around 1,400.

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