Weather affects local blueberry and peach crops

Pine Mountain, Ga. — The weather has had a huge impact on local food supply.

A range of different weather conditions has all but completely wiped out peach and blueberry crops for Georgia farmers. Anne and Jack Story have been farming at their Pine Mountain home for more than 20 years, and said their worst stretch has been the last five years.

On the “A and J Farm,” a good year for selling berries means anywhere between 400 and 600 gallons.

But this year, they’ve sold less than 50 and there’s three main reasons for that: spring freeze, wind storms and rain, which splits the berries.

“People drive out here and they get upset because they wanted blueberries and I don’t blame them, but you can’t control the weather,” Jack Story said.

Weather has also affected peach farmers. Peach production has declined by nearly 80 percent, which could cost up to $50 million.

Despite having several bad years of selling berries, the Story’s refuse to go over $10 dollars a gallon for their berries.

“I’d just rather let people pick them and be happy and have stuff for their kids than us to feel like “Oh we’ve got to have this huge profit,'” Anne Story said.

Anne also said they farm for a little extra money, but mostly because they love seeing parents bring their kids to pick the berries together. Friday is 61st wedding anniversary for Anne and Jack.

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