Dogs left hot in car now available for adoption; Lee County Humane Society at full capacity

LEE COUNTY, Ala. — Thursday, the Lee County Humane Society welcomed five new visitors. Their names are: Ethan, Evelyn, Eloise, Eleanor, Ellie. They were five of the six puppies found left in a hot car at the Lee County Justice Center back in June.

On June 1, two Lee County Sheriff’s Deputies went out to investigate a car in the parking lot, which people reported hearing panting and whining from. Soon after, the puppies were rescued

“It was extremely challenging for all of us,” Outreach and Development Coordinator Mary Wynne Kling said. “It just broke all of our hearts to hear any animal is ill or hurting, but especially the very young. It’s absolutely heart wrenching.”

All six of the puppies had extreme heat exhaustion, and one had to be put down due to its condition. Officers from the Opelika Police Department brought the puppies to the shelter. From there, the puppies were in the care of three foster families. On Wednesday, the owner released the puppies to the shelter.

On Thursday, the five puppies were reunited and are up for adoption.

The shelter hopes the five puppies and other animals at the shelter can find homes since they are at full capacity. The shelter can house 113 adult animals, but right now, there are 458 in their system.

“Clearly, the numbers speak for themselves,” Kling said. “It’s extremely important that we have foster families and adoption families because we don’t have the physical space for all the animals in Lee County, Auburn and Opelika that have no homes.”

Until Sunday, the shelter is running a special to help find all the animals a home. All adoptable animals are $20. That fee includes shots, spay or neutering and microchipping.

The shelter is also in the middle of its Summer of Second Chances campaign. Kling said the shelter has not met its budgetary needs for the year, and they need to raise $125,000 between now and Sept. 30, The proceeds go towards shelter expenses such as  pet food, supplies, etc.

For more information on the shelter, you are asked to visit the shelter’s website.



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