How Columbus fits into Georgia’s 2030 plan

COLUMBUS, Ga. — Georgia Chamber of Commerce CEO and President Chris Clark stopped by Columbus to break down the state’s 2030 plan and discuss what role Columbus will play.

Clark’s made more than 20 stops over the past month, and his talks with city leaders focused on tourism as well as helping rural areas around the city.

“If you can show that you’re community can keep those kids, whether they’re Millennials or Generation Z, and you’ve got a great quality of life, the companies will follow,” Clark said.

2030 started last year with the chamber launching surveys to find out what is happening with Georgia as a whole. The data also revealed information about individual counties and cities. Tuesday’s 2030 meeting discussed what data is still relevant and what’s changed in the area over the last year in order to move the action forward.

Some of the state’s goals include filling more than one million new jobs, growing the economy by nearly 40 percent and putting millennials to work.

“Not every kid has to get a four-year degree,” Clark said. “We need to take pride in Georgia for the stuff that we make here. It really comes down to parents saying that you can make $100,000 a year being a welder. Those are great jobs.”

Clark also said inclusion will be crucial because they project Georgia will quickly become a minority majority state. As Clark put it, the research that led to the 2030 plan was “the deepest dive” into data the state has made since 1916.


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