German manufacturer to establish facility in Auburn; will add 50 jobs over the next five years

AUBURN, Ala. — At the Paris Air Show on Monday, Governor Kay Ivey announced that the German-based, high-tech manufacturer, the Winkelmann Group will be creating a new production facility in Auburn.

The manufacturer who serves the aerospace industry and other sectors plans to make a $12 million investment in the city on equipment and add 50 jobs over the next five years. The city said the company starts with 50, but usually ramps up to between 100 and 150 jobs.

The city’s Economic Development Director, Phillip Dunlap and others were in Paris for the announcement. He said the city aims to attract technology-based, value-added manufacturing that concentrates on high end technology. He said Winkelmann fit all of the city’s criteria.

Interim City Manager Jim Buston said this is a real win for the state and the city. He added this will be a tremendous opportunity for Auburn University students studying this field to get hands on with this technology. City Manager Buston went on to add that many communities are vying for this technology and the fact the city has a staff familiar with recruiting this type of industry, a tremendous partnership with Auburn University and a supportive governor is an advantage.

“I think it gives us an edge when we’re out there competing,” City Manager Buston said. “These high sought after companies like Winkelmann or GE Aviation, when we go after them, we have an advantage because of that cooperative effort of everyone working towards the same goal and everyone working towards the best benefit of the community.”

Winkelmann is slated to take over the Cumberland Plastics Building in Auburn and is estimated to be open and operational in two to three months.

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