Wet Weather Lingers; Eyes on the Gulf

As of Tuesday morning, the disturbance in the Gulf of Mexico was still being termed a “potential tropical cyclone” by the National Hurricane Center forecasters. The system is sending moisture-laden air north into the Gulf states along with a large rain shield that has moved into Georgia and Alabama.

Meanwhile, the cold front from the north has settled into northern Alabama and Georgia and has stalled, dividing the Southeast in two with the drier, somewhat cooler air north of the boundary and an excess of humidity to the south. This tropical air mass will produce numerous showers and thunderstorms today and for at least the next couple of days as the low pressure in the Gulf works its way inland near Louisiana.

The low is expected to become a tropical storm before making landfall, then weaken as it tracks northward. With Columbus on the eastern side of the system we are in line for significant rain amounts over the course of several days, although the flooding threat is expected to be greater near the Gulf coast.

Exclusive First Alert forecast and webcast

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