Local woman’s reaction to baby boy goes viral

COLUMBUS, Ga. — When you wait for delivery day to know the gender of your baby, it’s always a surprise. But, Eric and Dara Crouch had another reason to be shocked their baby was a boy.

Dara Crouch tells news outlets a boy had not been born to her side of the family for close to 50 years. So when she found out she was having a second child, she just assumed it would once again be a bouncing baby girl.

Her husband and 5th grade Davis Elementary School teacher Eric Crouch was there with photographer friend Neely Ker-Fox to capture the perfect look of shock on Dara’s face when she learned her family would instead have a new little man of the house.

Although the baby was born back in April, Eric Crouch’s post on his wife’s epic reaction only went viral this past weekend when national news stations picked up on the story and helped the photos go viral.

Stay tuned with WRBL News 3 for an interview with the Crouch family coming soon!


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