Keeping safe during lightning storms

COLUMBUS, Ga. — Did you know that Georgia ranks third in the United States when it comes to lightning strikes?

This is National Lightning Safety Awareness Week, a time to stress the importance of respecting lightning. July, on average, is the month in our area sees the most thunderstorms.

Lightning deaths increased last year across America, up to 38 total nationwide. The most important safety tip to remember is to seek shelter indoors if a lightning storm develops.

“Stay inside. Get out of the outdoors, if at all possible, because that’s when you’re most in danger is when you’re out there among the elements,” says First Alert Senior Meteorologist Kurt Schmitz.

Once inside, stay away from objects that can conduct electricity, such as telephone cords and appliances. If caught outside with no way to get indoors, stay away from towering objects such as trees.

Instead, crouch low to the ground on all fours for the duration of the storm.

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