Former Army Major starts up first Columbus travel soccer club in the 1980’s

. — 30 years ago, soccer was not among the most popular sports in Columbus.

All until David Reiss moved to the city.

The former Army Major was stationed in Frankfurt, Germany for six years and that’s where he and his son fell in love with the game.

When Reiss and his family settled in Columbus, he said he felt a calling to start up a travel soccer club.

“Me and one ball showed up at the field. And I said I’m in a lifetime of pain here. And we went off and started with that,” said Reiss.

And over the four years, he grew the program from around 150 kids to 900.

“We played at Tillis field which is right across the street from where your studios are. That was the soccer field to start the club,” said Reiss.

It was all about giving these kids an opportunity to play something they’d never been given a chance to play in competitively.

But since those glory days in the 1980’s, all of those players have grown up and started their own families.

“It was unbelievable to have a chance to work with the guys and the young men. And to see them today in their mid forties, you say, mhm this is kind of nice,” says Reiss.


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