Columbus State hosts cyber security summer camp

COLUMBUS, Ga. — The nation’s next cyber security technicians could be coming out of the fountain city.

Columbus State University kicked off a summer camp today hosted by the National Security Agency, which aims to train the next generation of cyber stars.

The TSYS School of Computer Science at CSU was given a $28,000 grant by the NSA to hold this week-long event. It started Monday and lasts until Saturday.

The kids will learn various skills including how to surf the Internet, how to code and how to deal with cyber attacks.

“You never know it could happen at home like I could be looking on different fashions I could do and my computer might crash and I might be able to know from this camp how to fix it back up,” Midland seventh grader Celina Miles said. “I can tell this is going to be amazing,”

Hillary Fleenor teaches at the summer camp. She says people entering this field won’t have a problem finding a job since there are so few people trained.

“I hope that they will understand how important cyber security is and whether or not they decide this is something they’d like to pursue they can become ambassadors to share it with their classmates, their teachers and their friends,” Fleenor said.

The week ends with a cyber battle on Saturday, which is a culmination of everything the students have learned during the week.

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