Test shows BPA still found in many food products

A chemical in the lining of canned food has been linked to an increased risk of diabetes and obesity.

According to a new report the chemical, Bisphenol A, or B.P.A. is being used less but can still be found in plenty of products.

The Center for Environmental Health recently tested more than 250 cans, purchased at supermarkets and dollar stores. They found nearly 40 percent still contain B.P.A. That’s down from 67 percent two years ago but Charles Margulis with the Center for Environmental Health says that’s still too high and should be zero percent.

The FDA says…. BPA  “is”   safe at the “current levels occurring in foods,” but at least one state–California –recently added BPA to its proposition 65 list as a chemical “known” to cause reproductive toxicity…”

Several major food manufacturers have either taken B.P.A. out of their products or are in the process of doing so. Some companies even add a B.P.a.-free label.

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