Mom claims son was bullied while attending summer school

COLUMBUS, Ga. — Parents say it seems to be a growing trend in our schools. Innocent children being attacked and bullied by fellow classmates.

It was the first day of summer school at Spencer High when Tiffany Leathers says her son was bullied.

“Aaron was scared to come forth at first. When he did come forth he was crying and upset and he had said he had gotten bullied,” says Leathers.

She wants to get the word out to other parents that there are bullies even in our summer schools.

“It just devastates me because he is fourteen and when you go to school you shouldn’t have to worry about that. These children need to be there to learn they shouldn’t have to be there worrying about getting bullied,” says Tiffany Leathers.

Leathers has hired an attorney to help fight for her son.

“Any mother whose child comes home would want to ask questions in regards to what happened and out of fear he mentioned that he had somehow caused this harm to himself,” says Attorney Teddy Reese.

News 3 will continue to follow the recovery of the student  and bring you any new developments.

To report bullying contact the Muscogee County Bullying Hotline at 706-748-2267 or 1-877-SAY-STOP


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