8-year-old Phenix City phenom garnering national attention for athletic skills

PHENIX CITY, Ala. — Jaylen Huff might only be 8 years old, but this little superstar trains like a pro.

The Phenix City phenom is getting national attention after being featured by websites like Bleacher Report last week.

His dad Roland Huff Jr. started training him at 3 years old because he was extremely hyper and it has just taken off since then.

“I had him walk for 3 minutes and then jog. From then on for like 30 minutes. At like age 3 knocking out 2-3 miles,” said Huff Jr.

Which leads us to five years later.. Jaylen is getting national attention for his skills. His dad Roland posts on his Instagram daily and in just 9 short months, his son has more than 42,000 followers.

“He is the number one searched eight year old in the world,” says Huff Jr.

Jaylen says he’d like to become a math teacher and on the side be a beast like former Alabama running back Derrick Henry (mostly because they have the same hair.)

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