Construction begins on new Auburn apartment complex

AUBURN, Ala. — Monday, work began on the 450-plus bed apartment and retail space complex, 191 College.

The project is slated to take over the spot once occupied by the Chevron gas station on North College Street and the parking lot right next door.

Last Tuesday, Auburn City Council amended the development agreement to allow work to be done for 24 hours up until July 31. Due to construction, infrastructure improvements will be done, which will mean road closures in the city.

From now until June 25, Wright Street will be made into a temporary two-way street to allow for through traffic. From June 25 until July 31, the westbound lane of Glenn Avenue will remain open, but the eastbound lane will be diverted at Toomer Street onto Magnolia Avenue. In July, North College will be down to two lanes.

The city said the summer has the least amount of traffic, and they said the infrastructure work will be taken care of before the start of the school year and football season.

News Three reached out to the group Keep Auburn Lovely who had concerns about the project as a whole.

“I think it’s concerning about the traffic during the construction phase,” Susan Hunnicutt said. “Also, while they’re addressing the infrastructure with the water and the sewer, what you may or may not find because they think it will be on a six-week schedule, doesn’t mean that’s going to be the case. They may have to replace more pipes. Who knows what it may be. Then if they don’t get finished before football season, will they do it at night, which will impact 100,000 cars, 100,000 people coming in for football season.”

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