2 guards killed by escaping inmates during Georgia transport

Ricky Dubose (L) and Donnie Russell Rowe (R) Courtesy: Georgia Department of Law Enforcement via AP

EATONTON, Ga. (AP) — Two inmates are on the loose in Georgia after killing two prison guards during a bus transport Tuesday morning.

The Georgia Department of Corrections says the two inmates are 43-year-old Donnie Russell Rowe and 24-year-old Ricky Dubose. The Georgia Corrections Twitter page says people should call 911 and should not approach the men if they them.

Both men have been serving sentences for armed robbery and other crimes, according to the agency’s website. Rowe had been in prison since June 2002, and Dubose had been in prison since July 2015.

Putnam County Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Teresa Slade says the inmates escaped about 7:23 a.m. Tuesday, southeast of Atlanta. She says a witness saw the men get away in a dark green Honda.

The prison guards killed in the inmates’ escape have been identified as 42-year-old Christopher Monica and 58-year-old Curtis Billue.

Georgia Department of Corrections Commissioner Gregory C. Dozier released a statement on the officers’ deaths saying in part: “Our hearts are heavy as we mourn the loss of two of our officers, who are our family, and our priority is to locate these fugitives and bring them to justice for this heinous act against those working to protect the public. We are utilizing full resources of our local, state and national partners and appreciate their support.”

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