Columbus hosts multiple events to boost local economy

The Chattahoochee Valley played host to a variety of weekend events.


COLUMBUS, Ga — The Chattahoochee Valley played host to a variety of weekend events.

People came from across the country to participate in the UCI Mountain Bike Competition, The WPA Paddleboard Championship, and even play some basketball.

More events coming to Columbus means positive growth for the city’s economy, even while they struggle to have the local community take notice.

“We had a lower turnout than what we would have liked. It was a tedious event for year one and there’s years to come. I think everyone who’s been here and seen the town has just loved it and thought wow this is a really cool town,” says Byron Kurt, President of the World Battle Association.

The Mountain Bikers held their completion in Uptown. This marks the completion’s first time in the United States.

“This is the first time this event has ever been held on U.S soil so it’s been going on around the globe multiple cities in Europe for many years. This is the first year that it’s a world cup event and like I said they just did their first race in Italy a few weeks ago.” says Chain Restoration Owner Eddie Fryer.

Columbus State University also hosted an athlete camp for kids.

“It’s a recruiting tool for us. First Columbus has a beautiful campus which we’re going to take a tour here in a little bit but also our facility is great. It helps that we also had a good year,” says Coach Anita Howard who trains the CSU girls basketball team.

More and more people are expected to visit Columbus throughout the summer helping the local economy grow, not only in Uptown, but across the city.

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