Auburn High School gets new facility

AUBURN, Ala. — Those that attend Auburn High School now have a new place to do their reading, writing, and arithmetic.

A nearly 250,000 square foot school will open this fall, incoming students are excited about all it’s possibilities.

“I’m really excited about the Performing Arts Center the stage will be a lot bigger,” says Abbie Ingram.

The superintendent says the school was designed to teach in a more setting.

“The classrooms in the academic wing have glass walls in the hall then there’s furniture in the hall for kids to work. We hope that our kids will be doing project-based learning in a lot of cases so the teacher can open the door, work out in the hall,” says Karen Delano.

The principal hopes the work in the halls will translate into the classrooms between students and teachers.

“We’ve strategically placed teachers like History and English classes that will be across the hall. They do so much cross curricular programming.” Shannon Pignato, Principal Auburn High School






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