Columbus: 5th best city for young IT professionals

COLUMBUS, Ga. — According to Right Click, a website focused on technology news, Columbus is the 5th best city in the entire country for young IT professionals.

The criteria included a few different categories, but the most important for Columbus was cost of living.

The ranking puts Columbus ahead of cities such as Dallas, Houston and Atlanta, which ranked at 25th.

Andrew Hartman has been teaching at Columbus Tech for more than 25 years and is glad the city is getting the recognition he thinks it deserves.

“I think it’s a quality of life thing. Columbus has a better cost of living, a nicer way of life. I think for some people a slower pace that some people like,” Hartman says. “The fact that we have a very strong IT need makes us a very good candidate for IT professionals especially for younger people getting into the field.”

Aside from cost of living, Right Click highlighted the number of companies and career options in Columbus.

“I would say that the main reason it’s such a great city for it is because the opportunities are just endless,” Columbus Tech student and IT department worker Caitlyn Shepard says. “We have TSYS, Aflac, my dad works at W.C. Bradley. We have just so many places you can go to, to work in I-T.”

Although the ranking is for young IT professionals, Hartman says a large portion of his classes are made up of older students.

“For lack of a better word a machine has taken over their job,” Hartman says. “There’s an automated machine doing what they did and they’ve realized “Well if I can be trained to repair the machine that’s doing my job then I can become employed so a lot of students are coming back to get re-trained in this new technology.”

Columbus Tech recently signed an agreement with Valdosta State University, which states students who receive a degree for computer support specialist or networking specialist are guaranteed the option of transferring to VSU to continue their education.


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