New reports of lunch taken away from Shaw High School student this week

COLUMBUS, Ga. — News Three is getting reports that another child’s lunch was taken away from him.

This, after school representatives reportedly determined he didn’t have enough money to pay.

Carrie Armstrong Buford posted to the Columbus Georgia Concerned Citizens Forum Page Wednesday.

She made a post regarding an incident at Shaw High School.

Her post starts out saying, “I got it, and fully understand that ultimately it’s the parents’ responsibility to make sure their minor child has lunch money. What I don’t understand is when you have back-ups in place and are assured things by the MCSD, that still don’t happen, what are you supposed to do?”.

Remember back in February News Three reported claims were starting to surface- some children had their lunches taken away from them when it was determined there was no money left in their accounts.

According to the school district, when students can’t afford a hot lunch students are supposed to get a cold alternative lunch.

But you may remember reports surfaced earlier this year, that even cold lunches weren’t provided sometimes.

Buford posted to Facebook saying this week a Shaw High student was also not provided an alternative lunch, despite the fund parents set up for students who could not afford to pay.

Buford says she took her concerns to Susan Schlader the head of nutrition for MCSD.

She posted Schlader’s response which reads in part, “I am copying this to the area manager for Shaw and will have her look into it.”

School board member Frank Myers says the board voted on school lunches this week.

“I voted in favor of a ten cent increase the other night. We were told by the administration that was the only way we would was more like a federal mandate. The only way we would continue to receive federal funding. ” says Myers.

Myers says he only voted in favor of the increase after he was told by MCSD that a child would never go hungry.

Charles Miller, an administrator of the Columbus, Georgia Concerned Citizens Forum says- he’s got a message for Superintendent David Lewis.

“We’re not goin away and we’re gonna keep attacking this problem til it gets fixed. Simplest way I can put it.” says Miller.


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