Medical examiner takes the stand in the George Barton trial

LEE COUNTY, Ala.- Day two of testimony in the trial of the Auburn man accused of beating his five-year-old stepdaughter to death is in the books.

On Friday, the court was presented evidence that was taken from the Barton home on June 7, 2015. Before the court was able to see the evidence, the court heard from the psychiatrist who has seen Barton nine different occasions. He told the court that he observed mixed anxiety and depressive symptoms, but did not notice any manic depression symptoms. He added that Barton led an active spiritual life in jail and the people he has been in contact with on the outside have been very supportive.

Soon after, the court heard from various individuals who were either at the Rosie Street home or came in contact with items from the home. The court was shown swabs taken from blood drops on the carpet, a bed sheet with a drop of blood as well as a napkin that had blood on it. DNA Forensic Scientist Joseph Lee said that the swabs, bed sheet and napkin tested positive for Caley Presley’s DNA.

The court was also shown a belt that was taken from the home. The belt had a piece of hair around. Lee said that there was no blood on the belt and that there was not enough DNA on the hair to make a DNA profile.

Later in the day, Dr. Steven Dunton took the stand. Dunton performed the autopsy on Presley. He told the court some of the injuries discovered on Presley during an autopsy. Some of the injuries included black eyes, swelling of the brain, a fracture in the skull on the back left side, lacerations to the pancreas and liver, a broken right clavicle, blood around colon and kidneys, wavy red marks around her right shoulder.

Testimony is set to continue on Tuesday.

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