Masters Water Ski & Wakeboard Tournament brings world’s best to Callaway Gardens

CALLAWAY GARDENS, Ga – Bo Callaway had a vision to bring one of the world’s top watersports competitions  to Callaway Gardens. That vision will play out over the weekend at the 58th Masters Water Ski and Wakeboard Tournament at the Robin Lake facility at Callaway Gardens. Robin Lake and the adjacent stadium pavilion and beach viewing areas were specifically built to host the tournament. Bo Callaway was instrumental in the development of the project, which now brings thousands of spectators to Robin Lake every Memorial Day weekend.

More than 100 of the world’s top watersport athletes from 20 different countries will showcase their skills in various classes, including tricks, slalom, jump, wakeboard, wakeskate and overall.

The Masters began in 1959, and for the 25th year, will also include a Junior Masters competition. Pro riders compete for cash prizes, with the semifinals on Saturday and the finals on Sunday. Junior competition winners are presented with trophies. The Junior Competition results can be found here.

Tickets and more information, including competition results and a complete schedule can be found here.

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