WEATHER AWARE: Heavy rainfall and storms

WEATHER AWARE  DAYS (Now-Wednesday late): Flooding (main risk) and Isolated severe thunderstorms, with damaging wind and very heavy rainfall.

An upper level low pressure system is slowly pushing our first cool front into the region over the next 24 hours and then a secondary front by Thursday morning. This first front will lift considerable amount of wet weather our way.  At times there will be embedded thunderstorms adding more insult to injury. Again the only caveat is timing and placement of storms but several hours of this continuous coverage of rain will increase the threat of local flash-flooding.  3-4” of additional rainfall from Saturday’s wave is not out of the question, with low lying areas prone to flooding being the biggest hazard.

The Memorial Weekend Holiday will start off sunny and quite pleasant for the end of May. Readings will climb into the mid to upper 80s Friday, 90 through the rest of the weekend.  Sunday through Memorial Day, expect to see only a stray (convective type) passing afternoon storm or shower, relatively quiet until Tuesday but too far out now to give this anymore attention.

Exclusive First Alert forecast and webcast

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