“Grey Death” overdoses reported in Alabama and Georgia

LEE COUNTY, Ala. — It’s called “Grey Death,” and it has been responsible for several overdoses in the Gulf Coast region.

It’s an opioid cocktail that contains heroin, furanyl fentanyl and a research chemical U-47700. The substance can be inhaled, injected, ingested and smoked. It can come in powdered or rock-form.

The fentanyl is 80 times more potent than morphine, and the U-47700 is eight times more potent than morphine. Simply touching the substance can be deadly.

Back in February, Lauren Camp of Brookhaven, Ga died as a result of using the substance.

Auburn Police Chief Paul Register says back in early-December, two men in their mid-20s went up to a county in North Alabama, came back and overdosed on the substance.

According to the Gulf Coast High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas Program, one man injected the substance and the other snorted it. They add the man who injected the drugs lost consciousness soon after taking it. The other man attempted to give CPR before he overdosed.

Both men survived, but it was a close call.

Since then, there have been no other reported cases in Auburn.

“We’re like anywhere else,” Chief Register says. “People can bring things here. That’s why we’re very aggressive with our narcotics division. We have members of our department that are on federal drug task force. We work very closely with the federal agencies to keep drugs out of our community. In this situation, these gentlemen brought it here from somewhere else so I think that is exactly the things we are trying to combat.”

“Our goal is to eliminate the distribution and source of these substances more so than the user,” Lee County Sheriff Jay Jones says. “We could be out arresting users all day, but the point is, we need to attack it at the point of origin as best as we can.”

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