Student claims she was punched & slapped on bus

COLUMBUS, Ga. — A mom is outraged after her daughter allegedly gets punched in the stomach and slapped in the face among other things.

The mother claims the incident happened on a Columbus school bus this week. She’s posted anti-bullying signs on her property in an effort to send a message to any and everyone. She says this isn’t the first time her fourth grader has been bullied and she’s fed up.

“Some children were calling her a lesbian granted we are in fourth do we even know what exactly that all means right now,” says Audra Nesseth.

Audra Nesseth is the mother of Gloria Campbell, a fourth grader at Britt David Magnet Academy. Nesseth claims her daughter was badly bullied Monday morning on a magnet program school bus in Columbus.

“And the same student from Downtown proceeded to slap her twice across the face, punch her in her stomach and then snatch her hair as she walked past the bus driver, getting off the bus,” says Nesseth.

Nesseth says Gloria suffers from high-functioning Asperger’s. Gloria says she suffers from stomach pain daily.

“And that even made it worse when I got punched in the stomach and then the other girl on the bus named Kylie videotaped the whole entire thing. As I was crying and being hurt and I’m petrified right now that they’re gonna post it on social media and it be spread at school and I don’t know what to do,” says Gloria Campbell.

Nesseth says this isn’t the first time Gloria has been bullied. She says it happened again in the first grade at Downtown Magnet Academy back in 2013.

“She was jumped on by five boys who were in an older grade on the school bus,” says Nesseth.

Nesseth says she reported the incident to the Muscogee County School District. She says the students were suspended for three days. She says she requested school bus footage of the incident, but according to her, the video had been deleted.

Nesseth, a stay at home mom, says she’s pulled Gloria from the bus. She says it will be difficult getting three of her small children to three different schools weekly. She says Gloria would always sit in the second row of the school bus, that’s near the bus driver. She’s calling on the school district to release the school bus footage from Monday.

News 3 has filed an open records request for the reported school bus incident. Valerie Fuller, the Director of Communications for the school district, is also weighing in. She says she can’t go into specifics because of FERPA laws. She says consequences are being handled in terms of the district behavior code and discipline policies. She says consequences for bullying can include suspension and even expulsion.

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