Non-profit farm donates fresh food to the needy

LAGRANGE, Ga. — The Pineywoods Farm in LaGrange is not your typical farm.

“We’ve donated over 18,000¬†pounds a lot of it went to the Georgia Food Bank Association who distributes it out to families who need food,” says Judson Turner.

Many of those families are from right here in the valley. Pinewoods partners with Feeding the Valley.

Frank Sheppard is the president. He’s thankful for the healthy fresh food from farmers like the Turners.

“We are conscious of trying to distribute more healthy meats, fruits, and vegetables today and to have an opportunity with such a great supplier in our area is a great opportunity for us to develop a very strong relationship.” Frank Sheppard President & CEO Feeding the Valley

“One of our objectives is to donated food. We are a operating foundation so we sale the food help maintain our operations,” says Judson Turner.

It’s an operation feeding the valley is grateful for.

“Our produce sources stays in touch with Pinewoods as well as our other sources in the area to find out from them when they might have product available,” says Frank Sheppard.

For more information on how you can donate or volunteer at the farm CLICK HERE.




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