GBI says scammers have spoofed Eastman office main line


ATLANTA, Ga — The Georgia Bureau of investigation says scammers are at it again, this time calling their victims from a regional GBI phone line.

The agency announces callers report getting fake calls from the number 478-374-6988. The number actually belongs to the GBI’s Eastman Investigative Office.

Scammers call claiming the victims are wanted for tax evasion and must make a payment over the phone to avoid trial or arrest.

The GBI reminds residents the bureau will never call to collect debts over the phone and it is never part of their investigative responsibilities.

It also says if you get a call like this, you are urged not to conduct financial business over the phone. Additionally, do not give credit card information out to someone who has called you.

The GBI also suffered another similar scam in October 2015 when scammers spoofed the bureau’s main line 404-244-2600.

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