National Weather Service surveys damage from Thursday’s storms

People in Barbour County are in clean up mode after an EF0 tornado touched down there.

Now the National Weather Service is in Talbot County surveying the damage from Thursday’s storms. Talbot County was one of the hardest hit areas.

Thursday’s storms had enough force to topple several trees. The National Weather Service was in the area Thursday afternoon surveying the damage from the apparent tornado that came through.

“We’ve definitely seem some damage consistent of a high end EF1, low end EF2. There are parts of the path just east of here that widened quite a bit and looked like hundreds of trees completely mowed down.,” says David Nadler.

Earlier Friday the National Weather Service was out surveying the damage in Barbour County.

Meteorologists from the National Weather Service in Birmingham surveyed the damage and they confirm it was an EF0 tornado with 80 mph winds that struck the community of Clayton.

“Severe weather season tends to be pretty active in Alabama. We’re coming to the end of April and we should start to see the downward trend in our severe weather season. However as we know severe weather can happen at anytime. This storm was a long duration event , so we encourage people to be weather aware.,” says Holly Allen.

In Clayton, several homes were damaged by fallen trees and even a mobile home was completely crushed along with two cars that were parked near the home.

The National Weather Service encourages anyone with storm damage to call and report it and if possible send photos of the damage.

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