Affordable housing coming to the historic district

COLUMBUS, Ga. — The Columbus Housing Authority is doing its part to help beautify the city.

The Booker T. Washington Apartments have been torn down and now affordable homes are being built where the apartments once stood.

The Columbus Housing Authority’s latest project is the Columbus Commons and it’s located off of Veterans Parkway and Victory Drive.

News 3 spoke with Len Williams, the Chief Executive Officer of the Housing Authority to find out why they wanted to upgrade that area.

Williams said, “It will have a Victorian and Italian inspired design, we think it will be very attractive for the community, it’s 106 units and we already have more than 400 applications.”

The Columbus Commons is a dramatic improvement to what was there before.

Sabrina Richards, Director of Housing Enterprise Operations says the old homes were out dated.

“A lot of the public housing units were built in the 40’s and 50’s as far as the materials that were built to stand and after living in those units after a while , families need more modernized units and beautiful homes,” said Richards.

Williams believes these new homes will have a major impact in the city, “it will be another 106 families living in the downtown area, it will be very attractive housing and it will be competitive with anything on the private market and it clearly raises the quality of housing there.”

We’re told the families that were displaced from the Booker T. Washington Apartments were moved to other affordable homes throughout the city.

When the Columbus Commons are completed this summer, those displaced tenants will be first on the list.

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