Troup County gets new outside school bus cameras

LAGRANGE, Ga — How many times have you seen someone passing a stopped school bus with it’s stop sign out and lights flashing?

Troup County school leaders say drivers like that are putting your children’s safety at risk. School officials say cameras installed on the arms of schools buses will keep students safe without costing taxpayers a dime.

Gatekeepers Incorporated is the agency that installed the cameras, free of charge, for the school system.

Director of Troup County Schools Public Relations Yolanda Stephen says the need came out of a survey initiated by the school board.

“We did a one day survey last year and we saw that 78 vehicles passed the stopped arm illegally and for the safety and security of our students we wanted to make sure to provide the best environment for them getting on and off the school buses,” Stephen says. “When Gatekeepers said they would come to us and provide those cameras free of charge we jumped on it.”

Gatekeepers Inc. will gather the video caught on camera and send it to local law enforcement. If you’re issued a citation there could be big bucks to pay.

“The first consequence is $300 the second violations is $750 and the third violation will be $1,000,” Stephen says.

The district hopes the fine will keep people from breaking the law and keep the students safe while crossing the street.

“The bus drivers are excited about this opportunity to get support to help curve illegal passing of the stop arm,” Troup County Schools Transportation Director Jeffrey Turner says. “They’re out there everyday they see the students as they get on and off the buses and they see the near misses. It’s a great concern for them this is a great support for us.”

The video captured goes directly to the sheriff’s office. If you’re ticketed you will receive a ticket in the mail.

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