Former Senator Bob Dole visits National Infantry Museum

COLUMBUS, Ga — He’s described as an icon by so many in the Chattahoochee Valley. Former Senator Bob Dole was honored at the National Infantry Museum for his service to our country.

Museum representatives say they believe in honoring those that served our country.

“Whenever some of our great veterans come in the museum if it’s a World War II Veteran or Korean War Veteran we have certificates and pens that we have created with their name printed on to honor them to say welcome home and to thank them for their service,” says Lora Davis Warren.

I asked the senator about his time in the military. He says he enjoyed the army and it helped make him the man he is today.

“I think it taught me a lot it taught me about values and character, leadership and I’ve learned my values from my parents and they didn’t have any money but they had good values,” says Former Senator Bob Dole.

Davis feels a special connection with Veterans from the World War II era.

“I did tell him especially our World War II Veterans are so dear to me because they really did pave the way for all the great things we enjoy today and I’m just a proud American and when I meet one of my heroes like that it’s just very emotional to me getting to thank them in person one on one,” says Lora Davis Warren.

“I’m proud of Fort Benning for what it is and what it does and what it means for america particularly those who served in the infantry,” says Dole.

The former Senator has ties to Fort Benning. He graduated from Officer Candidate School on post in 1944. Dole also ran for president back in 1980 and 1988.





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