Columbus man wins $1 million jackpot prize

ATLANTA – A Columbus man has finally claimed his lottery winnings.

According to a news release, Clifton Borders, Jr. won the $1,016,710 jackpot prize from the April 16 Fantasy 5 drawing. Winning numbers from the April 16 Fantasy 5 drawing were: 07-12-26-28-30. Borders matched all five numbers in the drawing.

Young’s Grocery, located at 848 25th St. in Columbus, sold the winning ticket.

Borders said that he was at a clinic undergoing a dialysis treatment when he discovered that he’d won by playing some important numbers.

“My mom passed nine years ago, and my son passed last year,” Borders said. “I played their ages.”

After calling to verify that he was indeed the jackpot winner, Borders was in disbelief.

“I had the numbers and would write them down and move them around,” Borders said. “These are numbers that I’ve been playing for a year, constantly, and they fell.”

The 61-year-old retired truck driver plans to use his winnings make repairs on his home and pay some medical bills.

“I believe I was sent a sign,” the lucky winner said. “I’m in good spirits.”

Borders claimed his prize Tuesday at the Georgia Lottery’s Columbus District Office.

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