Georgia Attorney General visits Columbus

COLUMBUS, Ga. — Thursday Georgia Attorney General Chris Carr was in town speaking at the Chattahoochee River Club.

The Attorney General spoke inside a room full of attorneys and other members of the bar. Carr addressed everything from the water wars to sex trafficking.

He says drug and sex trafficking is not only an issue in our state but across the nation. He also says he’s working with his team to make sure everyone in the state of Georgia has a quality of life.

“We’ve got to attack substance abuse issues. We need to eradicate elderly abuse issues that are going on in our state to make sure the quality of life of our citizens continues to go up and that we protect those that truly are vulnerable and cannot help themselves. We’ve created a great environment in this state for companies to succeed and at the department of law we want to continue to make sure the law is a very stable, reliable, predictable, legal environment,” says Chris Carr.

The Attorney General says he’s impressed with the tourism and economic structure of Columbus. Carr adds his team is invested in making sure those that serve our country are protected from fraudulent loans.




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