Richard Spencer calls his visit to Auburn University very fulfilling

AUBURN, Ala. — One day after his visit to Auburn University, Alt-Right leader, Richard Spencer told News Three that his visit to Auburn University Tuesday night was one of the most fulfilling events he has been a part of.

“We faced a legal challenge, and we won,” Spencer said. “The fact that we were David, and we took on Goliath and we won, and we won so quickly as well, that this has been one of the most fulfilling events I’ve ever taken part in.”

Tuesday afternoon, a federal judge ruled that Spencer be allowed to speak at Auburn University cancelled Spencer’s speech last week.

Hundreds of people were in attendance to the hour-long speech inside Foy Hall, but there were also hundreds outside the event before it got underway. Once Spencer finished his speech that was riddled with applause and criticism, Spencer took questions from the audience. He said that the event could not have gone better.

We actually did have a conversation,” Spencer said. “I took Q and A for at least an hour. There were some altercations from the Antifa, but there was more melee. I don’t think there were any serious injuries. Basically, the whole day was a huge win, a great success.”

There were three arrests made outside the event for disorderly conduct. The Auburn Police Division said that those who were arrested were not Auburn students or residents. The APD felt the event went well, and added that the lack of incidents showed how the Auburn community upholds high standards.

“They understand and know that they’re able to come together and either celebrate or come show support or opposition to whatever situation and yet understand that there has to be peace and order,” Captain Lorenza Dorsey said.



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