SHOWERS: Stray, then increasing for the weekend

Seven day forecast: Not much changing but in for the next several days we can expect to see readings climb into the mid to upper 80s by the end of the week, since we remain on the warm side of this front. Mostly isolated light showers will occur north of interstate 85 into Atlanta northward along the front that’s stalled. Most of these storms are moving along the front. We can expect a random stray shower not at all to be concerned about for disruptive weather, However, there will be better opportunities increasing this weekend. This is because of a stronger area of low pressure across the Midwest and a trailing cold front approaching. This will bring isolated pop-up showers and storms across the entire region on Saturday afternoon. Sunday is when the actual cold front enters Alabama and into Georgia and this will bring widespread brief showers and thunderstorms, likely now timing out by Sunday afternoon. We may see a few thunderstorms with gusty winds but at this time not looking at a severe weather outbreak. There will be cooler air behind this but understand that this is more average for this time of year to see upper 70s and readings cooling back down into the 40s. It’ll be breezy, dry, and cooler by Monday. Sundays rain and cloud cover will keep us into the upper 70s.

A stronger system may be entering the region late for the following week but way too far to pinpoint the timing and in intensity, stay tuned…


Exclusive First Alert forecast and webcast

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