Local church stirs emotions to reach youth on Easter Sunday

COLUMBUS, Ga. — More than one hundred people packed the sanctuary at Greater Beallwood Baptist Church for the Easter Sunday Worship Service

Adrian Chester Pastors the church and he explains why Easter Sunday is important in the Christian faith.

Chester said, “The belief that God through the biblical recordings gave his son Jesus Christ to die for all of humanity, so we celebrate as Christians the death burial and today the resurrection through God’s all mighty power raised his son Jesus from the dead.”

In addition to an in-depth sermon, the church reenacted the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

“Not only ministering to all generations, but to all learning styles and some people are auditory learners and they learn by hearing it over and over again and some persons are visual learners so we try to bring the biblical text to life,” said Chester.

Morgan Mitchell was a part of the performance and she believes through the power of dance young people can be reached.

Pastor Chester still wants to carry on the traditional message behind the resurrection of Jesus Christ and he also wants to extend that love to others in the community.

For more information on Greater Beallwood Baptist Church click here.


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