2 students face battery charges after Richards Middle School altercation

COLUMBUS, Ga. — Two Richards Middle School students have been charged with battery after an altercation between one another.

According to a police report, back on March 30, 2017, the students involved exchanged taunts against each other that lead to one punching the other.

Both students were charged with battery. After the incident, the grandmother of one of the students protested at the school saying the situation happened because the school did not properly handle bullying on campus.

Richards Middle School Principal Lance Henderson responded to the grandmother claim by sending a letter to parents that reads in part.

“As I am sure you are all aware, we have had a situation where a grandparent has been standing out in front of the school protesting the way we handled a situation with her grandson. She has stood 100 yards from my office and has yet to come in and speak with me about the facts of the issue. I am by no means minimizing the impact that bullying has on students, but this is not a case of bullying.”

The principal also noted that the two boys were friends and had been seen hanging out with each other since the incident.

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