Bentley spokesperson again denies plans to resign


MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) — A spokeswoman says scandal-plagued Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley is not personally involved in any negotiations to resign.

Yasamie August made the statement Monday morning as the House Judiciary Committee was set to begin impeachment hearings.

Asked if there were any discussions about resignation, August says the response was the same that the governor was not personally involved in any negotiations.

Bentley has struggled to shake off a scandal after recordings surfaced last year of him making romantic and sexually charged comments in 2014 to a top female aide before his divorce. The Republican governor has acknowledged making personal mistakes but has denied doing anything illegal or anything that would merit removal from office.

The hearings are the start of a lengthy process that could end with Bentley being removed from office. The committee will decide whether to recommend impeachment. If the House votes to impeach Bentley, he will automatically be removed from his duties and can only be returned to office if acquitted in a trial-like proceeding before the Alabama Senate.

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