Tree falls onto Americus family home during severe weather

AMERICUS, Ga. — Wednesday morning heavy rains and strong winds did a number on many places including Sumter County.

“Whenever we heard that it had got over to Weston, close to 280 we knew that we had about 30 minutes before it was supposed to get here,” says Brett Hewett.

Brett Hewett, A Retired Staff Sergeant has lived in this home for 14 years. Wednesday, a huge tree collapsed on top of it.

Hewett explains how he and his family made their escape.

“We got a safe room downstairs. We got concrete ceiling and blocks on each side,” says Hewett.

Hewett says his wife had just made a meal for the family when the severe weather passed through.

“She fed everybody and we prayed before we went down there that we’d all be safe,” says Hewett.

The safe room was large enough to fit more than ten people.

“12 or 15 people down there and five dogs and a cat,” says Hewett.

Hewett explains the next course of action.

“Removing the tree so we can get it tarped off, keep from any more water damage from getting in there and in the morning we’ll start the repair.,” says Hewett.

After the storm, crews responded to the scene for cleanup. Despite the ordeal Hewett appears to still have a level head.

“What I found out a long time ago is that…the people around you..if you don’t get upset, they don’t get upset,” says Hewett.

Hewett says, though things may be a little chaotic he’s thankful things didn’t turn out worse.

“I’m happy that the Lord took care of us and no one is hurt because everything here can be replaced, but my family can’t be replaced,” says Hewett.

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