Two families lose homes after Monday’s severe weather

COLUMBUS, Ga.- Tragedy struck the home near the intersection of Thornton Drive and Lumpkin Court.

Monday morning, this huge tree in the backyard came crashing down.

Annie Hall was inside.

She shared the chilling details with me in the rain.

“A board hit me on my arm,” says Hall.

Thankfully, she says she’s not hurt too badly.

Blown shrubbery covers the front yard of the house that hall has called home- for more than 50 years.

She explains what was going through her mind after being hit by a piece of her roof.

“Trying to get out,” says Hall.

She says another woman and three children live in the home.

Family members say, things started to take a turn for the worse when they showed up on the scene.

“We were just going in to get the stuff out…all the stuff they needed special for the kids and while we were in there, we heard the tree crashing down”.

Hall explains the next course of action for her and her family.

“Find somewhere to stay,” says Hall.

I asked where the family would be staying temporarily.

We don’t know right now,” says Hall.

It’s a similar situation for James McCoy who lives in the 300 block of Harco Drive.

“You can’t live in there. Thousands of pounds of pure oak is laying on my house,” says McCoy.

The storm rolled in around 11:30 Monday morning.

On any other day he says he would be straightening up his home.

But on Monday…

“I happened to be at lunch at that time,” says McCoy.

McCOY shares what he thought when he first noticed this huge tree on top of his home.

“Thank you Jesus…the fact that I wasn’t here,” says McCoy.

Red Cross representatives are providing assistance.

McCoy says he has home rental insurance.






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