Severe weather preps in the Valley now underway ahead of Wednesday’s round of storms

Multiple organizations within Muscogee County are taking measures to keep the public safe Wednesday.

This week’s second line of storms is expected to wreak havoc on the Valley morning afternoon and night.

Monday’s storms damaged many areas including select schools.

School district reps weigh in on the property damage amount.

“This current time we’re still doing an assessment on any damage from yesterday,” says Valerie Fuller, the Director of Communications.

School reps share which areas received the most damage.

“Couple of major areas that were damaged was Brewer Elementary. We had several trees down in the area and we actually had approximately 26 cars that were damaged during that storm,” says Fuller.

Reps explain what exactly prompted them to close schools and administration offices on Wednesday.

“We agreed that if we have problems with our system, storms,ice storms, tornadoes, hurricanes, we’ll all assist each other, ” says Robert Watkins, External Affairs Manager for Georgia Power.

Georgia Power officials say, Valley took quite a beating after Monday’s storm.

“We had over 30 thousand people in this area out yesterday afternoon, right after that storm.,” says Watkins.

“All but 745 are back on right now since yesterday afternoon and that’s the kind of benefit mutual assistance gives you,” says Watkins.

Mobile home users also say they are on edge Tuesday night.

“I’ve been through many tornadoes before, especially in trailers. It’s best if you have a brick building to go to, go to a brick building. Go to somewhere that’s more stable than staying one of these trailers.”


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