Russian investigators name suspected St. Petersburg subway bomber

ST. PETERSBURG, Russia (AP) — Russian investigators identify a 22-year old Kyrgyz-born man as the suicide bomber in Monday’s blast on the St. Petersburg subway.

The Investigative Committee says in a statement Tuesday they believe Akbardzhon Dzhalilov set off a bomb on a train that killed 14 people and wounded dozens. It was unclear if the figure of 14 included the bomber.

The investigators also say forensic experts found Dzhalilov’s DNA on a bag containing a bomb that was found and deactivated at another subway station in St. Petersburg on Monday.

The Kremlin spokesman says intelligence agencies will look into the fact Monday’s blast in the country’s second largest city happened while President Vladimir Putin was in town.

Dmitry Peskov tells reporters Tuesday the fact Putin was in the city when the bomb went off, although several dozen miles away from where he was hosting talks, “makes one pause” and is “something for the intelligence agencies to analyze.”

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