Local students react to Georgia Campus Carry Bill

COLUMBUS, Ga. — For the second year in a row, Georgia lawmakers passed a controversial bill that allows licensed gun owners to carry concealed firearms on public college and university campuses.

The bill passed in the Georgia House during the final day of the legislative session after the Senate passed the bill earlier this week.

House Bill 280 gives adults over the age of 21 who have a concealed weapons permit permission to carry a gun on public colleges and universities.

News 3’s Ashley Lewis spoke with several students at Columbus State University to get their reaction to the bill.

Shaheed Muhammad said, “I can see the reasons why we should to defend yourself. Like If I were to walk back to my dorm late at night and I needed to defend myself.”

Abigail Deklerk said, “Absolutely not because you never know what their intentions are. They might come off as if it’s safe and they won’t do anything with it, but then at the flip of a switch someone does something to them and everything goes crazy.”

Most conservatives and second amendment activists support the bill and believe it’s crucial for student and school staff to be able to protect them.

The University System of Georgia has made public statements opposing the bill.

They believe that arming students isn’t the solution for protecting them and that it puts an extra workload on campus police officers who must enforce the bill.

The bill now sits on the Governor Nathan Deal’s desk waiting for his signature.

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