Cool and Breezy; Warmer Weekend

Today is bringing a sudden shift in our weather fortunes, thanks to a strong Canadian high pressure that has taken over the eastern part of the U.S.  The circulation around the high will keep our winds out of the east throughout the day, combining with low clouds to keep temperatures down by around 15 degrees compared to the highs on Wednesday.

That trend will be short-lived, as the high slides east to off the Atlantic coast and our winds turn southerly, bringing back the milder air on Friday and through the upcoming weekend.  Both highs and lows will run well above normal through much of next week.

Our next chance of rain will come late Saturday or Saturday night, as a vigorous storm in the Midwest develops and sends a trailing cold front moving east across the southern states.  That could spawn severe storms on Friday over the Plains eastward toward the Mississippi River.  By the time that activity makes it this far east Saturday night and Sunday, it is expected to be weaker, though thunderstorms remain a possibility.  Another system on the heels of the weekend storm will give us another shot at rain, most likely late Monday into next Tuesday.

Exclusive First Alert forecast and webcast

Wind forecast Thursday afternoon (RPM model)
Forecast map late Friday

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