Delivering “Meals on Wheels” for 40 years

COLUMBUS, Ga. — Phil Scoggins moved to Columbus 40 years ago. That’s when a local attorney started volunteering to deliver Meals on Wheels. And he continues to do it today!

Once a month Lowry Reid picks up two containers of food and drinks at Direct Services Headquarters on 2nd Avenue. And heads out on his Meals on Wheels route. Takes about an hour to make the eight stops.

Lowry is a semi-retired Columbus attorney who started volunteering because someone at First Presbyterian asked him to 40 years ago. And this kind of community service runs in his family.

“When I looked back at the list this morning to see exactly how long I had done it, I saw that both my mother and dad were on the list, working together. This was like in the early 80’s,” says Lowry.

Lowry is among some 200 volunteers who help Direct Services distribute the meals year round.

“I just feel better at the end of the hour to know that I maybe helped in just a small way people who need some assistance. They either are elderly, maybe able to cook but not able to go out to the grocery store and shop. And so I’m doing something they can’t do. Someday I may need it,” says Lowry.

Chief Meteorologist Bob Jeswald joined Lowry on his route Monday.

“What do you think of this guy here?” says Bob Jeswald.

“He’s very nice. I appreciate it very, very much. Such wonderful people that helps us and we’re very blessed,” says Theresia Kinsman.

Ms. Kinsman invited us into her living room right at news time. And was happy to have the company.

“It’s fun to see the look on their faces when they realize somebody’s there, not only maybe to help them out a little bit, but show an interest in them,” says Lowry.

“I bet you get some good naps in that chair, don’t you? Well, I hope the meal is good today. Good to see you. Bye bye,” says Lowry.

Lowry believes this kind of volunteer effort is scriptural.

“I think we learn through the Bible we’re supposed to care for our fellowman, supposed to look out for the less fortunate. So…the Good Samaritan rule… be a good neighbor,” says Lowry.

If you would like to volunteer like Lowry. You can contact Direct Services. Their phone is (706) 327-5208.

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