Gun shot victim suing After 5 Sports Bar & Grill for millions

COLUMBUS, Ga. — A Columbus man is suing a local nightclub after he says he was shot inside the club in January.

He says the club’s lack of security played a big part in that shooting.

Tickle Me Tuesday is a comedy event that happens every Tuesday at the After 5 Sports Bar and Grill.

Jason Hammonds says he attends the event every week, but on January 24th the unexpected happened.

Hammonds said, “I met an acquaintance, was on stage, took a few steps the right and next thing you know a big pop goes off. The pop was so loud that it went over the sound system.”

He says it was a gunshot wound to his leg.

“My leg on fire and I’m telling him hey look man I’ve been shot and i got a hole in my leg I need to go to the hospital. His words come out of his mouth, toughen up and don’t act like a little chump,” said Hammonds.

The bullet is still stuck in Hammonds’ leg.

Hammonds said, “This was a $30,000 bullet in my leg and you could have eliminated that from happening and you let a fool in the club with a gun and that’s my only complaint.”

Hammonds says there was no help offered by the owners of after 5 and that’s why he sought legal help.

He’s suing the club for millions of dollars.

His attorney, David Humphrey said, “I don’t want the public to think that we are just suing for one million dollars because the only way to bring attention to a problem is to go for the pockets and it’s to deter the same behavior from happening.”

Hammonds believes the security at the club let some folks through without checking them which he says put peoples’ lives at risk.

News 3’s Ashley Lewis spoke with the Owner of the After 5 Sports Bar and Grill and he declined to interview or make a statement.

The Attorneys representing Mr. Hammonds says they’re waiting for a response and if the Club Owners reply they could possibly settle out of court.

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