Literacy Alliance of Columbus works to ignite passion for reading

COLUMBUS, Ga. — Parents want the best educations for their children– and reading is at the core of learning. The Literacy Alliance of Columbus makes a difference by promoting reading in our community and offers us some tips on getting our kids into reading.

“In America, literacy and a lack of has become an epidemic, so that’s where we jump in,” says Vanessa Biggers, Literacy Alliance Board Chair.

The Literacy Alliance of Columbus passionately believes that we, as adults, have the power to inspire children to love to read. If you’re a parent and concerned your child doesn’t like to reading, you have to set the example.

“The best thing to do is to have your children see you reading, and that will spark a delight in them to want read as well,” says Biggers.

Part of the mission of the Literacy Alliance is to be sure children always have a book to share with their families.

“What we do is try to make sure every child can take home a book to share with their families,” Biggers says.

But what about parents who don’t particularly like to read? How do they promote literacy in their children? Well, it’s as simple as talking about the world around them.

“Just talk a walk and say, ‘What do you see? Gravel. Wonder what that word begins with? What sound? What sound do you hear when you hear the word gravel?'” suggests Biggers. “‘Look at the sky. What color is it?’ Just take them on a walk or even a drive in the car. And see all the items in the store, and just tell the kid, ‘What is that? What should I use that for?'”

And what’s the best thing for kids– or any of us for that matter– when it comes to building vocabulary?

“Get a dictionary. And that’s another thing that we do as the Literacy Alliance. We give dictionaries to every third grader in Muscogee County. And not only that, we give them an ink pen that has their graduation date on it,” says Biggers.

All a part of the plan to help kids love reading– and keep their long-term goals in sight.

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