Coach Bechard optimistic about future of Cottonmouths

COLUMBUS, Ga — The Fountain City’s hockey team, the Columbus Cottonmouths, continue their search for a new owner to keep the team going next year. News 3 talked with General Manager and Head Coach Jerome Bechard and asked him the question we all want to know: How’s the future of the team looking?

“We’ve been talking to quite a few different people who have shown some interest in our organization, and so really, I feel quite confident that we can get something positive here to make sure that we’re here for our 22nd year,” says Coach Bechard.

Coach Bechard adds the team is taking season ticket renewals for next season, but will not be taking deposits until an official new ownership announcement is made.

We also asked Coach Bechard how the team is doing since the bus accident near Peoria, Illinois, in January. He says the team has grown closer since the experience.

“The guys are actually doing really well. We still have about four or five guys who are out of the line-up with various types of injuries, but for the most part, everybody is kind of dealing with that, and are in good spirits,” says Coach Bechard.




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