Youth Advisory Council sponsors forum with mayor

COLUMBUS, Ga. – Some Columbus youth are getting an early start on voicing their opinions with local government.  The Youth Advisory Council sponsored Thursday night’s Let’s Talk With the Mayor forum.

Kyla Mims is a junior at Columbus High School.

“They don’t really know about things that are going on within our community especially stuff that’s affecting us as teens, as young people directly so, I think that being involved in organizations like YAC and being at events like this just help us to get a little bit more insight than we already do have,” she said.

Columbus High student Frank Lumpkin’s main concern is infrastructure.

“What’s being done to improve these sorts of things to greater connect Columbus to the rest of the world?” Lumpkin asked Mayor Teresa Tomlinson.

Mayor Tomlinson mentioned the idea of a high-speed rail from the Columbus Airport to the Atlanta Airport.

“If you can connect our airports then there will be five carriers here.  They’ll be low-cost carriers.  We’ll be a low-cost carrier hub.  We’ll have airlines like JetBlue and Norwegian Air and some of those others.  Why?  Because they can fly into Columbus cheaper.  Offer lower fares,” she said.

City Manager Isaiah Hugley and Mayor Tomlinson challenged the youth to express their big ideas.

“I think a project would be to maybe build another stadium so, we don’t have Thursday night football for high schoolers,” Lumpkin said.

On a larger scale, Lumpkin also brought up the proposed route of Interstate 14 that would go through Columbus.

The next Let’s Talk With the Mayor is Thursday, June 22 at South Columbus United Methodist Church.

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